Masonry Days

University Masonry Days is an opportunity for students to have hands on experience laying masonry products at their school.  Industry experts and university professors work together with students to get a taste of what they will be working with during their careers.

2018 Masonry Days

The 2018 University Masonry Day Design Competition hosted 80 senior level architectural students at University of Texas’ Goldsmith Hall.  The students participated on eight teams, competing for the coveted 1st place award! All students were extremely hands-on in learning how to lay brick and block, receiving a direct experience on how versatile, unique, and beautiful masonry is in any element of design.  Click the picture below to watch a time lapse build video. 


About the event: Students were shown how a composite masonry wall is constructed, the anchorage masons use, and how flashing is installed and cavities weeped. In addition to basic information used in masonry construction, students were taught the proper wire use in grouted and non-grouted walls. Students formed teams and constructed a wall of their own design. Walls were built using predetermined amounts of modular brick and block and were judged by instructors, architects, and industry expert in a competitive process.

The future of the construction industry lies within these young minds. It is imperative that we keep introducing them to the versatility and durability of masonry. Thank you the members who volunteered their time and supplies to our ever-important Masonry Day Program. We could not fulfill our mission without you.

2018 University of Texas Spring Masonry Day Sponsors were: Acme Brick, Featherlite Building Products, Oldcastle Architectural, Brazos Masonry, Legacy Masonry, and C.W. Oates Masonry.

For more information about University Masonry Days, or to schedule one for your university, please contact Lindsey.

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